Artificial Intelligence

  • Robots are not going to replace humans, they are going to make their jobs much more humane. Difficult, demeaning, demanding, dangerous, dull – these are the jobs robots will be taking - Sabine Hauert,
  • As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership - Amit Ray, Compassionate Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. Every day AI researchers and developers make surprisingly rapid strides in mimicking activities such as learning, reasoning, and perception, to the extent that these can be concretely defined.

Some believe that soon these AI systems will exceed human learning or reasoning capacity. Others argue that since all cognitive activity is laced with value judgments that are subject to human experience, humans will always remain superior in that sense.

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The field of Artificial Intelligence is vast and diverse. Even Data Science borrows heavily from certain subsets of AI. We have developed a specific niche of expertise around the following range of services that combine elements of both Weak and Strong AI to deliver a solution that works for today’s lean businesses.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) expertise includes the following:

  1. Content categorization: We will apply linguistic-based document summary techniques, including searching and indexing, content alerts and duplication detection to deliver a Corpus that can be subjected to further analysis.
  2. Topic discovery and modelling: We will identify the theme or topic of a piece of text (e.g. customer feedback) to determine if it is about ease of use, customer support, or pricing. We will apply advanced analytics to such text, to help you plan a better customer experience.
  3. Corpus Analysis: Once a Corpus is developed in categorisation (and a bit of discovery), we can extract more meaning through output statistics for tasks such as sampling effectively, preparing data as input for further models and strategizing modelling approaches.
  4. Contextual extraction: We will automatically pull structured information from text-based sources.
  5. Sentiment analysis: We will help you establish the mood or subjective opinions of your customers within large amounts of text, including average sentiment and opinion mining.
  6. Speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion: We can transform voice commands into written text, and vice versa.
  7. Document summarization: We will automatically generate synopses of large bodies of text and detect represented languages in multi-lingual corpora (documents).
  8. Machine translation: We can automatically translate your text or speech from one language to another.

Computer Vision

While Machine Vision (MV) focuses on the more traditional cameras-on-a-conveyor-belt-in-an-industrial-plant tech, Computer Vision (CV) applies to the digital world. We can quickly develop learning algorithms that can extract and understand data hidden within digital images and videos and help to make sense of things. We can, for instance, help handle your fraud detection issues in the areas of biometrics and signature identification among many others.

AI Chatbots & Virtual Agents Design

As Natural Language Understanding (NLU) improves the discerning power of chatbots, they have become more capable of adapting to user needs. We employ AI tools like machine learning and deep learning to develop AI chatbots that can predict user needs accurately and respond correctly over time. We can also integrate this with your social media.

Content Transcription

We can convert your video, audio or hard copy material to text easily. We offer these three specific services:

  1. Audio transcription: We can transcribe your audio recordings or podcasts into readable, written text. We can help with your recorded legal depositions so they are easily accessible to other lawyers, and judges. We can turn your medical recorded notes into text for record keeping.
  2. Video transcription: If you need to turn your video, film or audio tracks into blog or editorial articles, we can do that for you. That extends to transcribing the same into ebooks. ‍
  3. Written materials transcription: We can also transcribe your written PDFs and handwritten materials such as notes, letters, and manuscripts. If you need to extract copy from old brochures, for your new designs quickly, we can help you with that.

Do you offer Machine Vision services?

Presently we do not but this is an area we are looking into and will explore its feasibility as a possible area to expand to.

How much do your services cost?

Its hard to put a standard price to our services because they are designed to be highly bespoke depending on the client needs. However, we have segmeneted the services so every level of engagement is possible with us from generating Corpora for your NLP project to going all the way to delivering sentiment analysis.

Do you offer speech analysis?

Absolutely! That is an NLP project. We can analyse a series of speeches to advise you on whether your CEO or CS has focussed on the main thrust of your overall agenda and help you make this more precise in the future!